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"I highly recommend Jerry, he is warm and friendly and very easy to talk to. Jerry helped me get to the root of my issues and gave me the tools to improve my behaviour. The clarity and understanding I gained through therapy has improved my relationship with my partner and daughter, and my overall mental health. I feel more confident, self-aware, and equipped to handle any challenges that come my way. I highly recommend Jerry to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives and relationships."

- Nick from Wellington

"I was referred to Dr. Jerry for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 2022, it was an extremely difficult time for myself and my family. Dr. Jerry was so great to work with and provided me with great tools to assist me in dealing with my trauma. The difference I feel now after working with Dr. Jerry for a few months is extraordinary. I feel like I am myself again and can’t thank him enough."."

- Mike from Auckland

"I sought help from Jerry as I was suffering from a high level of depression, anxiety and even panic attacks. This was due to a combined failed marriage and a collapse of my business. Jerry helped me to make sense of my situation and due to his attentiveness and understanding helped me lift a huge mental weight off myself. He was very easy to open up to. He also went above and beyond and sent me emails to provide summaries of what we had discussed and activities to help me progress. Jerry has given me the tools to understand my thoughts, actions, recognise behaviours and implement coping mechanisms.  I highly recommend Jerry to anyone who needs help."

- Bernard from Auckland

"After many years of slowly degrading mental health I was recommended Jerry for online consultation. Starting from a place of not wanting to or knowing how to talk, Jerry was able to develop what I feel to be a deep understanding of what makes me tick and can provide tools and a framework to help make each day that little bit easier but in the way that is very specific to my thought patterns and strengths. The approach has felt like a tailored well crafted support program and has enabled me to work through issues that have been brewing for three decades. In short, I would thoroughly recommend Jerry to anyone who is in need of support"

- Alex from Wellington

"Dr Jerry took me on at a moment's notice when I was in the worst shape of my life. Through his thorough counseling sessions and tailored approach to my needs he helped get me to a point where I am now mentally more healthy and focused on making a better life for myself."

- John from Southland

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